I hope today's players aren't typical

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I hope today's players aren't typical

Post  Pappy on Sun May 26, 2013 6:16 pm

Due to time constraints, had to play Ferry today instead of my now usual Anderson Pond. I have never seen such a collection of ignorant, stupid and down right inconsiderate players. There were two guys teeing off on one. They had a dog with them so I decided to start on a different hole. As I'm walking to six, I look over and there's a family, complete with dog and baby stroller, getting to the five basket. I cross the bridge to six, and there putting at the basket, is a group of - I kid you not - twelve people. They were literally a rolling family reunion. I move on to eight. Not bad till fourteen. Then these two guys show up out of nowhere playing in front of me. I don't mind, they're moving and not holding me up. I don't mind except for the two dogs that is. We move on. I'm approaching eighteen as two guys are driving. They head over the bridge and out of nowhere, here's these two guys that showed up on fourteen. One jumps to the AM tee and drives without looking. Fortunately the two guys that had been there out drove him and didn't get hit. Playing along, making up one through seven. I drive on five and just when I'm going for my long putt, here comes this guy walking by the basket towards the fairway. He finally looks up, sees me and says, "Sorry, I'm looking for my buddy" and does a detour. When I get to seven a group is moving from sixteen to seventeen. No problem, except that the little kid they've got with them is in no hurry and neither is the mom, dad or the two dogs, one on a leash and one not. There's a guy with them and he gets to the pro tee, drives and of course has to throw a second disc. And so I finished, frustrated and really hoping that this isn't the future of Ferry Park.


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