"Disqualification" ... Know the rules

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"Disqualification" ... Know the rules

Post  joe_kool315 on Tue Jan 17, 2012 12:28 pm

After a recent incident during our annual tag round I'd like to take a few minutes of your time to let everyone know exactly who can disqualify you from a tournament or club sanctioned play. All of our tournaments and Club sanctioned rounds are conducted using the PDGA rules and Competition Manual. Within this guidance you can find answers to all/almost all your questions about Disc Golf including the general rules of play for tournaments (that everyone should be using for their casual rounds) and our sanctioned rounds. Who ever is "running" or leading the tournament or event is that events Tournament Director so ccording to section 3 in the competition manual it states:

A. The PDGA adopts a strict policy of appropriate behavior and comments to the media. Any conduct deemed to be unprofessional is subject to disqualification by the Tournament Director, and may also be subject to further disciplinary actions from the PDGA.

That being said NO ONE else on the course can disqualify someone from a tournament ... period. You CAN be given courtesy violations AND assessed strokes on your scorecard for further violations if the other folks on your card are informed and agree. If there is an issue where you feel you're right and you're being told otherwise. Simply play 2 discs from that point forward. 1 the way the person is telling you, you should be doing it and the second the way you think it should be done. Both scores should be written for that hole and the Tournament Director will make the call as to who was right.

ALSO ... To alleviate being talked into believing someone or having to take someone's word because you don't know any better ... take some time to read through the rules of play. Read up in the Competition manual if you plan on playing in tournaments/mini-tournaments/club sanctioned events as well and you'll then have the knowledge and power to argue your point as valid.

ALWAYS try to keep things calm and as low-key as possible when discussing issues and disagreements. Remember we're out there to have fun first and foremost! Sometimes it's easier to agree to disagree and play the 2 discs out and let the TD make the call than have a heated argument over a shot and get yourselves all worked up for the rest of the tournament.

Lastly for those that don't know I'll post a link to the PDGA Rules here:

PDGA Rules

Again, knowledge is power and if you at least have a general understanding of the rules, it leads to less arguments AND you have a very good idea of where to go to find the information if you aren’t 100% sure on something. I and many others will usually have a copy of these rules on us at all times or have an electronic copy on our phones.

Thanks again and have a GREAT DAY at the course!

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Re: "Disqualification" ... Know the rules

Post  KEYCHAINSRK on Tue Jan 17, 2012 12:59 pm

Nice John!


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