FOR SALE/TRADE THREAD GUIDLINES ... Please read before starting or posting in any threads.

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FOR SALE/TRADE THREAD GUIDLINES ... Please read before starting or posting in any threads.

Post  joe_kool315 on Sun Jan 01, 2012 7:50 pm


1) PDGC and its staff are not responsible for ANY transactions that take place here. If you don't get the item you paid for, that is your problem. If somebody does not pay you money they owe you, that is your problem. You are using this forum at your own risk.

2) Related to #1, there is NO way for PDGC or its staff to determine if PERSON A or PERSON B was ripped off during a sale between the two. It's simply one person's word against another, so we are unable to conclusively determine who's lying. As a result, do NOT complain to the moderators or the BOD about somebody ripping you off because we have no way to figure out if you or the other person is telling the truth.

3) If you want to ensure a safe transaction, use a escrow site which makes sure both buyer and seller are protected or buy/sell/trade in person.


1) No "Feeler" threads. ALL Sale/Trade threads MUST have prices or what you would like to get for the item(s) you have listed. If you do not do this, your thread may be deleted without notice. You can price a disc and say "or best offer" but don't be stupid and put "$100 or best offer" unless its' truly a $100 disc.

2) Each member should start their own thread under the main topic. Keep the original post (OP) updated with what you still currently have for sell/trade by editing the OP. Most communication should go through PM’s so posting to the threads should be minimal. Members starting multiple threads will be asked to combine the threads and the duplicate thread will be deleted.

3) Do NOT advertise your buy/sell/trade thread on someone else's thread any where in the forum. Please communicate through PMs.

4) Do NOT post negative/critical comments regarding price, the item being sold, etc. Related to that, don't post places where you can find the item cheaper. If you think something is too expensive, stupid, etc. feel free to PM the member that started the OP or potential buyers and they can decide what to do for themselves.

5) NO eBay links/auction listings ... Period.

6) Please keep general chit-chat to a minimum in the threads. If the discussion stays on topic, and it's between a potential buyer and seller, that's fine. If it begins to spin into a "Wow, I like that too!" or "That disc sucks, because xxxx" take it to another forum/PM/email/somewhere else.

7) This shouldn't even have to be said, BUT there is to be no selling of firearms, drug paraphernalia, porn or anything illegal. NO ILLEGAL ITEMS MAY BE SOLD! No referenced to said items in slag or “talking around” the subject either.

Cool DO NOT post threads about other members in this section. This section is for threads where you are buying, selling or trading ONLY.

9) This section is for buying/selling/trading with other PDGC members. It is not a place to tell everyone about a deal on another site.

10) No auctions or “for bid” items.

11) If you are not interested in buying the item(s), do not post ... period.

12) This is a non-commercial marketplace for PDGC members.

13) All discs should be rated using the “Sleepy Scale” shown below. This is a commonly used scale to rate disc conditions and used properly will give the interested party a good idea of what to expect when getting a disc from you.

Disc Condition Scale aka "The Sleepy Scale"
10 - Never thrown, no ink, brand new condition
9 - Field tested or used for one or two rounds
8 - Lightly used with very minimal wear, some ink
7 - Used with some minor dings or scuffs but still in good shape
6 - Typical used disc with the usual dings, scratches but still worthy
5 - Kinda beat, significant wear, has lost a good bit of its stability
4 - Beat up turnover disc with some evident war story wear
3 or under - Beat to Hades dog chew toy

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