Food Toss Results for 10-15-11 (Am Tees)

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Food Toss Results for 10-15-11 (Am Tees)

Post  dookiedog on Sat Oct 15, 2011 11:53 pm

Here are the results for the food toss on Saturday 10-15-11.

We Collected:

9 cans
$26 for HH
$14 for PDGC

The ace pot went unclaimed, so there is now a total of $19 in it!

Congratulations to Dwight and Luke for finishing 1st and 2nd! They both had awesome rounds!

Welcome to the food toss: Bob, Robin, Chance, Dwight, Tyler, Kyle, AJ & Joey!! We hope that you will all find the food toss a fun way to spend a few hours and play often!
And a special thanks to all of our regulars for their support and camaraderie!
Thanks again to Key Chains for supporting the food toss with prizes for the winners week in and week out! You guys ROCK!

I am sure that our donations will help brighten the upcoming holidays for those less fortunate! In this particularly bad economy, there are more and more people who need that help, so tell your friends to come out with you! (Manna food bank in Pensacola is now at critically low food levels due to the economy) Remember we do this for charity, but we also have a lot of fun doing it! Try to remind those who may have forgotten or just don't know yet that the toss has been moved to Saturdays. The more people, the more fun, the more donations!
I will be making a drop-off this coming week, and for four rounds of play, we have accumulated nearly $150 in food, and cash for the charities! Great job everyone!!!

The following is the finishing order, along with the new handicaps that will be used when we play the am tees on 10-29.

Name New handicap for 10-22

1.) Dwight 2.4
2.) Luke -8.0
3.) Ronda -2.4
4.) Brian -6.4
5.) Rob -1.6
6.) Greg -4.3
7.) Chris -3.5
8.) Kyle J. -1.6
9.) John C. -2.1
10.) Robin 4.5
11.) Teresa 10.1
12.) Tyler 0.8
13.) AJ 1.6
14.) Joey 4.0
15.) Bob 4.8
16.) Sydney 8.8

Thanks again everyone!!! Hope to see you all next Saturday!!



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