Food Toss Results for 10-8-11

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Food Toss Results for 10-8-11

Post  dookiedog on Wed Oct 12, 2011 8:14 am

Sorry it took a while....I have been under the weather!

Here are the results for the food toss on Saturday 10-8 (pro tees)

We Collected:
12 cans
$16 for HH
$8 for PDGC

Ace pot is at $8 - it will rollover to 10-15

Gary H. and Ronda were 1st and 2nd in the food toss.

Here are the new handicaps for use on 10-22 when we play the pro tees:

Jon E. 5.3
Ronda 3.2
Teresa DNF
Gary H. 1.9
Patsy H. 17.9
Rob 1.1
John C. 1.3
Brian 0.3
Chance 9.6
Dwight 10.4
Tony 8.8
Robin 13.6


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