Z Nuke review

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Z Nuke review

Post  Panda on Thu Aug 12, 2010 5:37 pm

So I just picked up a Z Nuke from Key Chains and let me tell ya it flies sooooooo good!! Brand new this disc flies like how it is suppose to according to discraft. Thrown with just a little power this disc cruises. When thrown flat it will do a right high speed turn (Im a right hander, so im throwing right handed back hand) then straighten out and just fly with very little fade. You can easily add a extra 30-40 ft with this disc! I also was throwing the Esp Nuke to see if there was any flight differences between the two and there was for me. I find the Esp Nuke to be more stable then the Z Nuke. With the Esp Nuke it hooked up a lot quicker then the Z Nuke. I would highly recommend picking up one of these beauties from Key Chains. You wont be disappointed. Very Happy

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