Food Toss Results for 9-15-11

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Food Toss Results for 9-15-11

Post  dookiedog on Thu Sep 15, 2011 11:46 pm

Rain threatened to dampen the food toss, but in the end, only a couple drops before the start and we had another great turnout! A total of 19 paid entrants! Tron and Mike finished 1st and 2nd, and Sam hit the ace pot for $18 with an ace on #14. Great job guys!

Thanks to all who showed up for the food toss! Hope you can make it next week when we will be playing from the Pro Tees!

Collections for charity were:
Cash for Harvest House: $18
Cans Collected: 26
PDGC club donations: $9

The new handicaps for the Am Tees food toss on 9-29 are as follows:

Greg -4.3
Ronda 0.3
Helen 12.3
Gary H. -0.8
Patsy H. 10.1
Rob -1.3
John C. -2.9
Sydney 8.0
Joel Sr. -3.2
KC -0.5
Mike -2.9
Brian -5.6
Sam -7.5
John K. -4.5
Jack -0.8
Russell -7.5
Tron -2.7
Paul 0.8


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