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BEWARE for now

Post  Key Chains 1 on Sun Apr 03, 2011 8:06 pm

Went out to the Chain Dragon today and was playing pretty decent until hole 11 affraid ... holy moly I haven't seen that many cottonmouths @ 1 time .... EVER!!

Met Shane Supple while out there and talked with him about different goings on in the park. He has spoken with the Walton Cty Sheriff and Wildlife & Game, and they have a PLAN for all of those snakes Very Happy YAY!!!

The bike rack is out there and Shane may move it early this week, but for now he had me put it by hole 1. Told him our concerns about the sign and he said he would take care of it Twisted Evil .

The poles are AWESOME that Bill, Sean & Krisste have installed, and were certainly used today. Thanks guys!

The benches and sign holders look great too, and we have the Club Mango to thank for those.

I can't wait for the LET THE DRAGONS FLY tourney in May!!! Woo Hoo. Just be careful where you walk...look out for them snakes pale

~TK~ sunny
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